The Internet Roasts NCAA Tournament Selection Show For Hilariously Bad Blunder

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

There was a lot not to like about the new NCAA tournament selection show, taking place on TBS after decades on CBS. In the new format, the tournament teams were announced alphabetically instead of being unveiled as the brackets — you know, the part fans actually care about — were unveiled.

But regardless of how you felt about the format changes, TBS committed a more egregious, hilarious error: The audio and the video of the live event weren’t even close to being synced up.

Not a great look, particularly while revealing a bracket obviously designed to bring in the most money rather than to honor the best teams in the country.

Oh yeah, they also couldn’t get the whole alphabetical order thing right, sending Nevada and Tennessee fans into a panic by announcing them after North Carolina State and Texas Christian University, respectively.

Someday, somehow, the NCAA and its partners will get something right. I’m like 15 percent sure of it.