Refs Eject Louisiana Tech’s Jacobi Boykins For Being Too Good At Basketball


(Photo: Twitter)

Nearly 75 percent of Louisiana Tech guard Jacobi Boykins’ field-goal attempts come from three-point range, and Thursday night’s events might explain why—when he manages to get close enough to the rim to drunk, he throws it down with a viciousness so supreme, it’s illegal.

At least, it is according to this joke of a Conference USA official who hit Boykins with a technical for merely … uh, dunking hard?

Notice that the official about five feet from the play’s result—positioned perfectly to catch any taunting or general no-goodery—doesn’t make the call. Instead, Boykins gets whistled by an official standing at halfcourt, with the senior guard’s back to him.

It was Boykins’ second tech, earning an automatic ejection.

His first came, somehow, on an even worse call.

Boykins emotionlessly swatted an opponent and started up the floor before being told his effectiveness had been too great for legality.

Dudes are out here acting like Father Pat after seeing the first ever alley-oop.