New Bulls Teammates Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo Have a Lot of Making Up to Do

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

You couldn’t have asked for a more unusual pairing in the NBA than guards Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade. Both players have spent the majority of their careers trying to make each other’s lives miserable.

Most of the conflict occurred while Rondo was still with the Boston Celtics.

Back in 2011, the first time “LeBron’s Heat” played the C’s in the postseason, Rondo dislocated his elbow on a dirty play from Wade.

Rajon would later return to the game, but that play seemed to spark fire for years.

Fast-forward to opening night the following season, Rondo got revenge by committing a flagrant on D-Wade.

Rondo’s temper really hasn’t changed much since.

In Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals later that season, both players went at it. Rondo had the first laugh on this hilarious “off-the-back” pass.

In the same game, Wade and Rondo were handed technical fouls for chirping at each other and nearly starting a brawl.

D-Wade would get the last laugh, however, as the Heat won the game and advance to the Finals.

Those many Celtics–Heat series were some of the best in NBA history.

And I almost forgot that time Wade got away with hitting Rondo in the face.

So now these two flashy guards (that can’t shoot) have to play on the same team. Good luck guys! Hopefully four years is enough to close wounds.

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