New Eagles QB Carson Wentz Accidentally Locked Himself in a Public Bathroom

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

Rookie quarterback Carson Wentz is the perfect fit for the Philadelphia Eagles.

For the last two seasons, Philly has exemplified dysfunction at the quarterback position. And after trading all their assets to draft Carson Wentz, it doesn’t look like much is going to change.

The 23-year-old accidentally locked himself in a bathroom at a gas station in New Jersey on Wednesday.

I guess Sam Bradford will do anything to get his starting job back.

We don’t know exactly which gas station Bradford was stuck in, but in all likelihood, it was a 7-Eleven.

Have you ever asked for a bathroom key at a 7-Eleven? They basically hand you a crowbar with a flimsy little key on the end that breaks the second you try to use it. That’s before entering a bathroom that looks like a scene from The Mummy (I’m sure Brendan Fraser would have found a way out).

If Wentz can’t figure out how to escape from a public bathroom, how is he going to be able to read 4-3 defenses? There is obviously a direct correlation between fleeing bathrooms and telling whether or not Von Miller will drop back before the snap. Eagles fans should be concerned.

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