The New Orleans Pelicans Took A Team Trip To A Haunted House And Were Scared Half To Death

Joe Welkie
New Orleans Pelicans
(Photo: New Orleans Pelicans)

If you’ve ever wanted to see professional athletes almost crap their pants out of fear, the New Orleans Pelicans have posted a video just for you. The team took a trip to a haunted house and filmed the entire experience. Suffice to say, they were screaming and running around like little scaredy cats for almost the entirety of the video.

It’s awesome to see grown men let out shrieks of terror in a haunted house. It gives us some insight into the psyche of the players and how terrifying this haunted house actually is.


Guys, the trick is to not act scared. 😂 Click the bio link to see the full video! (🎥 via @AntDavis23)

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Hopefully this team-building exercise worked and these guys are all closer together. But I know that I won’t be visiting that horrifying haunted house any time soon. Too scary.