NFL Admits Incompetent Refs Blew Another Game


(Photo: Getty Images)

Walt Anderson is an NFL referee.

Which is crazy because, as he displayed during the Seattle Seahawks' 31-25 victory over the Buffalo Bills on Monday night, he fairly clearly doesn't know some basic NFL rules.

There was no more shining example of Anderson and his crew's ineptitude than the remaining moments before halftime, when the officials managed three epic screw-ups in just three seconds of game time.

The Bills lined up to close the half with a field goal. Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman left the line to try and block the kick way too early, drawing a flag for offsides.

Screw-up No. 1: Although he was flagged, the play was not blown dead. It should have been.

Because the play shold have been a dead ball, officials thought they couldn't flag Sherman for making a whole bunch of illegal contact with kicker Dan Carpenter.

But I've got news for you, Walt:

Sure, there can't be a roughing the kicker penalty on a play that should have been ruled dead. But …

Screw-up No. 2: Hitting a kicker in the legs on a dead ball play warrants an unnecessary roughness penalty, at least according to the NFL's senior vice president of officiating.

Because Carpenter was injured and tended to on the field, he had to miss the ensuing play. Luckily, the Bills had an extra down to work with and were able to spike the ball with a second remaining—even though they shouldn't have had to in the first place.

After the play clock reset to 40 seconds, Carpenter subbed in. Then …

Screw-up No. 3: The umpire stood over the ball like a f**king idiot until there were two seconds left on the play clock.

The ump is supposed to stand over the ball until all players are on the field. That was the case with over 15 seconds on the play clock. The ump stood there anyway, leaving the scrum after wasting just enough time to let the play clock run out.

Anderson admitted to not paying attention to the clock and being an overall unaware dunce: "Any time we end up with the teams coming out, we end up putting a regular ball out, bringing in the kicking ball, we will hold up the play, just for the teams to get their substitutes in and then we will move off the ball. If there was that little time left, then that's probably a mistake on my part in terms of not pumping the play clock back up. But, I was not aware that it was that far into the play clock."

Carpenter made the 49-yard attempt, but the delay of game penalty brought it back. He then missed the 54-yard field goal he should have never taken in the first place. 

Those three points might have been the difference.

A Bills' comeback attempt ended on downs, losing 31-25, on the Seahawks' 15-yard line. Had they been down just three, a short field goal would have tied the game and sent it to overtime.

Then again, Anderson probably would have screwed that one up, too.