NFL Denies Josh Gordon’s Reinstatement After He Tests Positive for Marijuana

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty)

Not long after we learned that suspended Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon failed yet another drug test, the NFL has officially denied his petition for reinstatement.

Hours after it was reported that Gordon tested positive for marijuana—the fourth time he's failed an NFL-administered drug test—the league made the announcement.

He has failed a test for marijuana before, as well as a test for alcohol months after being arrested for driving while impaired. He maintains his first failed drug test, in 2013, was triggered by prescription cough medicine.

Before the league's most recent announcement, Gordon made it known on Twitter he didn't think much of the positive marijuana test.

Now, it's entirely possible he'll never play another snap in the NFL.

Why? Because his reinstatement to the league is dependent on the most arbitrary process on earth—Roger Goodell's discretion.

"When these things happen, it's about trying to avoid them in the future," the NFL commissioner said during his Super Bowl press conference. "I'm hopeful that Josh understands that he's going to have to conduct himself differently going forward to be a member of the NFL and to be representing the Cleveland Browns, or any team in the NFL."

Still, there's a chance Gordon could be back before the 2016 season, just in time to reunite with his former Baylor teammate Robert Griffin III.

His next opportunity to apply for reinstatement will be August 1.

But that all depends on Gordon and how he spends the next two to three months.

I wonder if the Browns are regretting not pulling the trigger on this trade right about now.