Ahead Of A Patriots–Eagles Super Bowl, NFL Fans Are Rooting For A Hilarious Third Option

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The results of Sunday’s championship games put NFL fans that don’t pledge allegiance to the New England Patriots or Philadelphia Eagles into a tough position: root for the Pats, who seem to have seven extra teammates in black and white on the field at all times, or pull for the Eagles, whose fans are so unruly and obnoxious that their city almost doesn’t deserve joy?

Some NFL fans who are also hobby meteorologists are pulling for a third outcome: that Asteroid 2002 AJ129, a 0.7-mile-wide rock on a path to narrowly avoid Earth on February 4, the day of the Super Bowl, crashes into the planet instead to squash both teams’ Super Bowl hopes.

NASA, who’s fairly confident the rock won’t hit our planet, an incident that would spark an ice-age apocalypse, doesn’t yet have designs to destroy or deflect an asteroid.

Let’s hope Harry S. Stamper and his band of ornery oil drillers aren’t Eagles or Patriots fans.