The NFL Nominated The Wrong Steve Smith For The Hall Of Fame

Joe Welkie
Wrong Steve Smith
(Photo: Wrong Steve Smith)

Over the past few years, the NFL has made some pretty egregious errors in judgment. There have been several suspensions handed out for strange amounts of time. A guy who was caught potentially cheating will get suspended for more games than a guy who beat his wife. The logic doesn’t seem to make sense and it has fans losing faith in the Commissioner, Roger Goodell.

Well, this snafu will not gain him many more fans.

The NFL Hall of Fame voting committee just nominated Steve Smith to be enshrined at the Hall. The only problem is they nominated the wrong Steve Smith.

Steve Smith

Instead of nominating one of the greatest receivers of the generation, who starred at wideout for the Panthers and the Ravens, the fan voting on nominated the other Steve Smith, a USC product who played for the Giants for a few seasons.

Steve Smith

No disrespect to the Giants’ Steve Smith, but he did not have the same great career as the Panthers’/Ravens’ Steve Smith. Perhaps that’s why he chose to go by Steve Smith Sr. in his last few years of play, to avoid confusion with the other guy and now his son.

Let’s see how Goodell tries to spin this mistake.