Nick Diaz and Coach: Someone Drugged Diaz Before Georges St-Pierre Fight

Trent Reinsmith
(Photo: Getty)

Nick Diaz’s 18-month suspension for a marijuana-related drug test failure ended in early August and the former UFC welterweight title challenger is wasting no time in getting his name back in the headlines.

On the day his suspension ended, Diaz spoke to ESPN about his March 2013 unanimous decision defeat to then welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

"When I fought Georges St-Pierre in Canada, first of all, somebody freaking drugged me,” said Diaz. “That guy didn't make weight. The commission comes up to me and tells me he's not going to make weight, and whether it was a pound or not a pound, it doesn't matter. In Las Vegas, if the fight had been where it should've been, they would've not only drug tested us, but there's no pound allowance so he would've had to make his full weight."

Accusing someone from St-Pierre’s camp of drugging him before the fight is a pretty big deal, but Diaz is not the only one now talking about some possible hijinks before the fight. No, Diaz’s boxing trainer, Richard Perez, is echoing Diaz’s statement.

"Oh yeah, yeah, I remember that," Perez told Submission Radio. "Yeah I was there, and it was Georges St-Pierre’s nurse or something, came down and he wanted to give Nick some kind of stuff. And I told Nick not to do it, but he gave it to him. So that’s what he’s talking about.

"I don’t know what it was. I’m not saying that it was a drug or anything, but I just know that he looked different (in the fight).

"He said he worked with Georges St-Pierre. It was just through an IV."

It’s doubtful that St-Pierre will respond to these accusations, which we heard for the first time more than three years after the fight took place.

Diaz does not have a fight booked as of yet, but he was recently called out by new welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

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