North Dakota State Guard Hits Shot of the Century—By Accident and for the Other Team

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

North Dakota State guard Khy Kabellis scored 19 points in the Bison's Saturday matchup with the Denver Pioneers.

Unfortunately for Kabellis and his squad, two of those counted for their opponents—and came in the form of a highly unlikely behind-the-back fling from the sophomore that would be a serious contender for shot of the century had it been both intentional and on the other team's basket.

Thankfully for the Bison, the spotted two points didn't figure into the contest's outcome, as NDSU won 81-63. The victory delivered the school a half-game conference lead over the rival South Dakota State Cotoyes.

Kabellis led all scorers with 17 official points on 5-of-10 shooting to go with three boards and two steals. He has a sense of humor about the moment, likely aided by his team's triumph.



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