Oakland Raiders Lineman Donald Penn Almost Beats The Snot Out Of A Civilian

Joe Welkie
Donald Penn
(Photo: Donald Penn)

When things aren’t going well for a sports team, their fans will usually turn on them. They will get a chorus of boos and jeers from the stands, and some audience members will even call out specific players and invite them to a fight.

You don’t want to do that to Donald Penn, a member of the Oakland Raiders.

While driving back home from Sunday’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens, a fan was jeering Penn in the parking lot. Penn was sick of it, and got out of his car and in the man’s face. You can see the look of terror in that fan’s eyes when he sees exactly how big Penn really is.

Luckily, Penn kept his cool and the situation didn’t escalate any further than some jawing back and forth. That fan would have been in some deep trouble if Penn had managed to get his hands on him.