Odell Beckham Penalized For Celebrating Touchdown By Pretending To Piss Like A Dog


(Photo: Getty Images)

The NFL apparently didn’t loosen the celebration rules enough for Odell Beckham.

Despite the laxer restrictions, the star New York Giants wideout crossed the line following a huge touchdown to tie the score at 14 all against the Philadelphia Eagles with 11 minutes remaining in their Week 3 tilt.

After keeping his hind paws just barely inside the backline, Beckham strutted like a dog and treated the end zone like his own personal fire hydrant.

This majestic celebration clearly deserves a look from a second angle.

His postgame explanation of the dance:

The touchdown-catching wiz was hit with a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, but more than made up for it not two minutes later, when he made yet another incredible touchdown grab, putting his team on top.

This time around, his response was serious, raising a power fist on a day that saw protests, across the league, of racial discrimination.

The Giants entered the fourth quarter with zero points, meaning they’d amassed just 13 points through the first 11 quarters of their season.

They responded by dropping 24 points in the final period against the Eagles.

Still, it wouldn’t be enough, as rookie Philly kicker Jake Elliott all but ended the Giants’ season with a 61-yard field goal as the game came to an end, winning 24-21.