Odell Beckham: ‘I Don’t Remember’ Crying on the Sideline During Loss to Redskins


(Photo: Getty Images)

Sunday's tilt between the Washington Redskins and New York Giants gave Washington, Philadelphia Eagles, and Dallas Cowboys fans an image they will likely never forget: A tantrum-throwing Odell Beckham getting jacked up by a piece of inanimate sideline equipment before breaking into tears with the game still on the line.

And while fans of the Giants' rivals will hope to never let Beckham forget the incident, he says it's already too late.

“I don’t remember,” Beckham said when asked if he was crying. He gave the same answer when asked what got him so upset in the first place.

The blow-up occurred as his team blew a 21-9 point lead, before losing 29-27.

"He was getting catches, he was making plays and we just need everybody to stay calm," said quarterback Eli Manning, perplexed at Beckham's actions. "We don't need to get rattled, we don't need to get fired up. You can get excited, celebrate with your teammates but we just need to do better job offensively—everybody—to stay calm and stay in our rhythm."

Beckham was often matched up against Washington cornerback Josh Norman, with whom he shares a complicated past.

“We’re just two fierce competitors, that’s all it is,” Beckham remarked of Norman, whom he met with at midfield after the game. “We love football. I feel like this has turned into something that is not football and honestly I know that that’s all that I care for is football.”

Beckham hauled in seven catches for 121 yards in the loss. Afterward, he and Norman met and shook hands at midfield.

“It’s never been an issue (with Norman),” Beckham said. “It’s something that’s been made up by all of this. In a sense, like I said, all I care about is football. I’m sure it’s the same for him.”