Odell Beckham Jr.: Josh Norman Is Relevant Because of Me


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All-Pro cornerback Josh Norman, after a surprise move by the Carolina Panthers, could face wideout Odell Beckham at least twice a year for the next five years.

Coming off a run to the Super Bowl, Norman and his now former team disagreed over his worth during free agency, and he ended up signing a five-year, $75 million deal with Washington, who happen to share a division with a rival of the defensive back.

That'd be the New York Giants' Beckham. 

In Week 15 of 2015, Beckham took a cheap shot at Norman after being frustrated from pregame warmups until Carolina took a 35-7 lead. The league suspended Beckham for a game.

“I’ve made mistakes,” he said in a recent interview with GQ. “Like bringing people to your level who don’t deserve to be there. They’re trying to bite off your so-called fame, make a name off of you. I think I did a lot of that—allowed people to be relevant in my life who really aren’t relevant to me at all.”

Guess whom he's talking about.

Norman. In fact, Beckham says Norman signed with Washington because of him, because "it’s a smart business move for him.”

“It goes back to what I was saying. If I wasn’t playing him twice a year, maybe people wouldn’t bring it up as much. But now it’ll be a lot more media attention for him, attention that I don’t really look for, attention that I don’t need," said the frequent TMZ featuree and Kardashi-friend who was doing an interview for GQ from Drake's mansion. "The reason that he’s become so relevant is because of me.”

But Norman isn't the only person Beckham threw shade at in the piece—that list includes some anonymous Giants teammates.

“There weren’t a lot of people who, so to say, had my back during that game, that’s for sure,” he said. “In my opinion. … Their team was up, 35–7. And I’m competitive. I don’t like to lose. We’re sitting there, and people are thinking about what we’re doing after the game.”

In that fateful Week 15 contest, Beckham played a large part in a mountainous comeback, catching a touchdown to draw the score to 35-35, before the Panthers won on a field goal.

After three losing seasons, New York ushered two-time Super Bowl-winning coach Tom Coughlin out the door and replaced him with offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo. And they spent big money to improve their defense, signing defensive end Olivier Vernon, defensive tackle Damon Harrison, and cornerback Janoris Jenkins.

These moves have Beckham thinking Super Bowl.

“I get these weird divine feelings," he said. "They’re, like, so strong I can’t shake them. When I think about Super Bowl 51, I think about the guys that we have. It almost makes me sick to my stomach because I know that it’s going to happen. I’m saying it now, and it’s weird. And then it comes the time, and it’s like, ‘Wow. This is really happening.’ ”

Though he should probably worry about getting past Norman and Washington first.