Odell Beckham, Le’Veon Bell: Double Standard That Ezekiel Elliott Wasn’t Fined for Salvation Army Celebration

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Ezekiel Elliott said he would match any fine incurred from his Salvation Army kettle touchdown celebration in a donation to the worldwide charity organization.

But, kind of surprisingly, the NFL did not fine him (though he was flagged for excessive celebration), so the Dallas Cowboys rookie went ahead and made a donation anyway.

According to sponsorship evaluation firm Apex Marketing Group, the running back also gifted the Salvation Army at least $4 million worth of advertising exposure.

But in a season that has seen highly inoffensive celebrations and expressions draw monetary punishment, fellow NFL stars Odell Beckham and Le'Veon Bell see the lack of a fine for Elliott as a gross double standard on the part of the league.

The New York Giants receiver tweeted that if he were to execute the same celebration, he would have drawn a fine.

Bell, the Pittsburgh Steelers star running back, responded in agreement, noting that he and teammate Antonio Brown (a frequent target of questionable fines) were fined for a handshake earlier this season.

Neither Beckham nor Bell mentioned having a problem with the actual celebration. But many players have expressed frustration with the league's intolerance for exuberance on the field.

"Why not let it be legal? We're just having fun," Elliott's teammate Dez Bryant said of the celebration. "Let's not make it the No Fun League."