Odell Beckham Is In Midseason Form, Makes Unbelievable One-Handed Catch In Practice

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The New York Giants’ season won’t start until September 10, when they’ll take on the Dallas Cowboys in primetime. But Odell Beckham Jr. is already in midseason, one-hand-catching form.

During practice on Monday, not even Pro Bowl cornerback Janoris Jenkins could prevent Beckham from leaping over him and plucking a pass over the corner’s head with just one hand.

The play predictably went viral.

“I don’t know what happened, I just kinda clicked out,’’ Beckham said of the play. “I’m in a different place right now. He threw the ball and I was like, ‘I’ve seen this before.’ It felt like it was like a dream, you know what I mean?’’

Like many Giants fans frustrated by some crucial drops in the team’s playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers last season, head coach Ben McAdoo doesn’t really care how many limbs it takes to catch a football, so long as it gets caught.

“I like two hands on the ball better than one,’’ said McAdoo, who’s entering his second season at the helm. “I like completions better than incompletions.’’

But Beckham noted that there’s more to one-handed catches than looking (really, really, incredibly) cool.

“That’s really what you’re doing when you’re fending him off with this arm you’re trying to keep him away in a space,’’ he said. “But with that being said, there’s been a lot of times in the past three years I didn’t necessarily make the play, because I’m trying to fight off a defender. And not so much you’re trying to fight him off anymore, just go get the ball, let them make the play on you.

“It’s really crazy, you’re running these deep routes, or any time the ball is coming to you, it’s a split second of decisions that can last a lifetime. I’m just working on catching everything that comes my way, make sure I don’t have any mental errors, mistakes, just be the best I can be.’’