Olympic Champion Gymnast Gets His Nuts Owned Hard By Parallel Bars


(Photo: Getty Images)

Though it doesn’t have the intentional-high-speed-collisions-involving-heads danger of NFL football, gymnastics is a dangerous sport in its own right.

In some ways—for instance, if you compete on the parallel bars and care at all about your testicles—gymnastics can be even more terrifying.

Ask Oleg Verniaiev, one of the best gymnasts in the world. The Ukrainian took silver in the all-around at Rio in 2016, where he also claimed gold in the parallel bars. He’s taken gold in the parallel bars at the European Championships three times.

While competing at the Summer Universiade in late August, a slip-up on his signature event resulted in near catastrophe, and a lot of pain.

Thankfully for Verniaiev and future Verniaievs, the 23-year-old was able to laugh off the incident.

According to some quick Google translating, his Instagram caption roughly means: “Make your jokes. I can sit perfectly fine. P.S. Girls, do not worry, everything is intact.”

Though he didn’t medal in the parallel bars at the Summer Universiade this time around, Verniaiev left the competition with a gold in the all-around, three silvers (team, pommel horse, and vault), and one bronze (rings).