Packers GM Ted Thompson Gets Roasted For Unflattering Shot During Shutout Loss

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

For the second time this season, the Brett Hundley-led Green Bay Packers suffered a shutout defeat.

But even though it’d happened just five weeks earlier, Green Bay general manager Ted Thompson apparently couldn’t believe his eyes on Saturday, as the NBC broadcast caught him looking on in horror, mouth agape.

During the Minnesota Vikings’ 16-0 dismantling of the Packers, the internet gleefully meme-ified the unfortunate shot of the man who’d built a team that’s gone 3-6 in games not finished by star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, sufferer of a broken collarbone in Week 6.

While we’re glad he’s alive and kicking (or something), Thompson’s only under contract for one more season beyond this one, so his tenure as the man in charge of Packers personnel decisions may not be long for this world.