Pacman Jones to Reporter: ‘Shut The F**k Up’

Joe Welkie
(Photo: YouTube / WCPO)

On the field, Pacman Jones is one of the most stellar defensive playmakers in the NFL. Off the field, that's where his issues start to rear their ugly heads. Jones has been involved in a series of highly publicized scandals since entering the league in 2005.

Most recently, Jones was involved in a dispute at a casino. Reportedly, the incident involved Jones getting kicked out of the casino and wishing death upon a police officer. This got Jones arrested, leading to massive issues over the football offseason.

After a Cincinnati Bengals practice, Jones told reporters to not ask about the situation. One reporter decided to try and find a loophole, and got verbally slapped around by Jones. Apparently, the question asked was about the support Jones has received since coming back to the team after his tumultuous offseason. Things started out cordially:

"Words can’t express can’t express my gratitude or my feelings for the organization, Mr. (Mike) Brown, coach (Marvin) Lewis, the teammates, the City of Cincinnati,” Jones said. “This is home for me. I’m very eager to be here. I don’t take it for granted. I love playing football, and I love helping the guys out and working together for one common goal, which is winning. I’m more than happy to be here.”

That's when Fox 19's Joe Danneman had the gall to ask a follow-up question, which led to Jones turning irate. The scene begins at 3:58 in this video.

Apparently, the video wasn't the worst of it. Jones reportedly told the reporter he asked "stupid ass questions" and told him to "shut the f**k up."

Yikes, you better make sure all your questions are approved by Jones before you attempt an interview with him next time.

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