Panthers Cheat Concussion Protocol For Cam Newton 2 Weeks After NFL Said They’d Fixed It

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Two weeks after the NFL had revised its concussion protocol, it was apparently broken on the big stage.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton went to the sideline after sustaining a vicious sack from New Orleans Saints defensive tackle David Onyemata in the fourth quarter of the teams’ wild-card matchup.

He didn’t make it there before falling down to one knee.

The team soon indicated he’d been cleared of a concussion.

There’s just one problem: Newton never left the sideline, instead going into the medical tent only briefly, which flies in the face of the recent update to the concussion protocol.

The team then announced that Newton had sustained an “eye injury,” which was relayed by the Fox broadcast.

Yeah, right.

All in all, Newton missed just one offensive snap before returning to the field.

Russell Wilson’s skirting the concussion protocol earlier this season only cost the Seattle Seahawks $200,000.

Newton’s playing through what were almost definitely concussion symptoms didn’t help much—his team fell 31-26.