Patriots’ Johnson Bademosi Busts Out The Most Hilariously Late Flop

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Wait just a second, James Harden and Marcus Smart, because New England Patriots special-teamer Johnson Bademosi made a late bid to be the most embarrassing flopper of 2017.

On New Year’s Eve, New York Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson came down with a would-be catch out of bounds and, likely frustrated by the limitations of the man doling out passes from under center, hucked the rock into the ground.

It kicked up, finding the helmeted jaw of Bademosi, the Pats’ fifth cornerback.

Seizing the opportunity and the spotlight, Bademosi displayed why he chose football over stage and screen, waiting a second or two before flailing and hitting the deck in an attempt to draw a penalty on Anderson. The Jets wideout probably deserved penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. But for whatever reason—perhaps the bombast of Bademosi’s flop—a flag never came.

After dispatching the Jets by a score of 26-6, Bademosi’s teammates enjoyed a laugh at his expense.

As did basically everyone who’s ever been on Twitter and is aware of football.

Bademosi hilariously kept the charade up after the game.

“The ball hit me … and I lost balance for a second,” Bademosi said with a slight grin. “I tried to keep it, that’s why, you know … I got weak in one side.”

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