Are The Patriots Faking Tom Brady’s Injury To Mess With The Jaguars?

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

To hear the New England Patriots tell it, the team is in trouble for their Sunday AFC Championship matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Not only did Tom Brady call the Jags “the biggest challenge we’ve faced all year,” but the all-world quarterback reportedly suffered an injury to his throwing hand so serious on Wednesday that he didn’t practice on Thursday.

At least, that’s what they’d want us, and the Jaguars, to believe.

We’re talking about the Patriots here. A team that placed extra thermometers in the visitors’ tunnel when the lowly New York Jets came to town in freezing temperatures this season.

Bill Belichick saw what happened to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who completely and publicly overlooked the Jags and got smacked in the mouth for it. Jacksonville has taken to the underdog role like an actual dog in an unmanned cheese factory.

The same isn’t happening to the Patriots, who’ve been nothing but complimentary in their comments about their upcoming opponents. Might Brady’s “injury” be a ruse designed to build up the Jaguars’ confidence and jettison their no-one-believes-in-us mentality?

We haven’t even gotten a good look at Brady’s hand. It was gloved on Thursday, when Brady took the time to pose for an “Oh man, my hand is totally hurt so I’m going to stare at it because that’s what people with hurt hands do” picture.

Sorry, but until I see that baby swollen and all kinds of discolored, I’m not buying it.