Paul George Continues To Tease Lakers Fans About Free Agency Plans

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Paul George just can’t help himself—either he’s knowingly torturing both Los Angeles Lakers fans and Oklahoma City Thunder fans with the prospect of his taking off in free agency this summer, or he’s comically unaware of the effects his words and actions have on each fan base.

A year ago, George was reportedly “hell-bent” on joining the Lakers come the summer of 2018. In June, he requested a trade to LA. In August, the Indiana Pacers accused the Lakers of tampering with George; Los Angeles was subsequently fined for doing just that.

Then in January, he practically drowned himself in drool while fawning over the idea of playing in his hometown.

Speaking of Los Angeles, the city just finished hosting All-Star Weekend. Naturally, Lakers fans made their aspirations for George and their team known.

“It makes you feel great,” George said of the “We want Paul” chants during media availability.

“I love it. It’s not to say that I don’t. I’ve felt the energy, I know where the love is.”

That statement echoes what he said a week earlier, when he heard similar chants with his Thunder in town to play the Lakers.

“I loved every bit, every second,” George said. “It’s why I was trying to get to the line, honestly. [I’m] trying to hear more of that.”

Dude, Thunder fans have been through enough. Cool it with the “Man, Los Angeles sure seems like the place for me doesn’t it?” talk until July when you can get out like two superstars before you.