Paul Pierce and Phil Jackson Sing Farewell to Kobe Bryant in Hilarious New Commercial

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Nike/YouTube)

In case you’ve been living under a Los Angeles-sized boulder with some of Dr. Dre’s finest noise-canceling headphones, you know that Wednesday night will see Kobe Bryant hoist up a wad of low-percentage shots for the final time.

Advertisers certainly know you know this, which is why they’re lining up to release their own Kobe-centric commercials.

A few days ago, we saw the Los Angeles Lakers superstar get trolled by Michael B. Jordan in the name of hawking Apple TVs.

The latest is a fine turn by Nike, who spun the hate that Bryant had engendered for an entire career until his team gave up on that whole winning thing for his final hurrah.

In the ad, titled “The Conductor,” Kobe turns to take one of those many patented shots that probably should have been a pass to a wide open teammate and sinks it, only to watch the road crowd turn on him.

Soon, Kobe is conducting a chorus of begrudgingly respectful hatred, with notable enemies like Paul Pierce and Rasheed Wallace taking verses, as well as his former coach Phil Jackson.

Watch Kobe for the last time Wednesday night, when his Lakers take on the Utah Jazz at 10 pm ET on ESPN2.

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