Hell Yeah, The Phillies’ Attempt At The Rare Fake Tag Trick Actually Worked

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Pedro Florimon possesses one of baseball’s best and most versatile gloves.

And he has to, because the man with a career OPS of .578 over parts of eight seasons certainly hasn’t stuck around that long because of his work at the plate.

The guy’s played seven position for Philadelphia across the past two seasons, everything but catcher and first base.

The benefits of the 31-year-old’s glove work shone brightly on Saturday to help the Phillies to a victory.

On a play during which he didn’t even touch the ball.

The Phillies led the Nationals 3-1 in the bottom of the ninth, but Washington was poised for a rally, with speedster Trea Turner on first with no outs.

Thanks to some heads-up trickery on the part of Florimon, a Matt Wieters pop-up turned into a double play.

With Turner on the move, Florimon, playing his natural shortstop, convinced the base stealer that he’d received a throw from the catcher by pretending to make a catch and laying a ball-less tag on the Nationals shortstop.

Unaware that the ball had been popped into the sky, the realization of Turner’s blunder slowly dawned on him as second baseman Cesar Hernandez casually tossed to first for a bizarre, but relatively easy, double play.

One out later, the Nats lost 3-1.

Apparently, Turner went temporarily deaf, unable to hear the crack of the bat or the screams of his coaches, teammates, and supporters.

Too bad for him. Awesome for baseball dorks who love it when details matter.