Pelicans Fan Hilariously Sneaks Onto Court And Partakes In Pregame Warmups

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

After a demoralizing season-ending injury to DeMarcus Cousins, the New Orleans Pelicans need all the help they can get. And we’ve got just the guy.

Somehow, someone with the body of an average NBA fan rather than that of an average NBA player made it onto the court during warmups ahead of the Pelicans’ victory over the Houston Rockets on Friday, which is weird, because Raymond Felton doesn’t play for either team.

After some stretching and a jumping jack or two, the Pelicans fan even got one of the ball boys to feed him a rock.

But his successfully laying hands on a ball led to the ruse’s demise—he was utterly exposed by his jumper. Surprisingly, security let him off easy in the Big Easy.

It was apparently comedian and noted Pelicans fan Tony Roberts.

About two hours later, Cousins would tear his Achilles tendon.

Despite his injury, Cousins showed up for his second annual Boogie Comedy Slam a day later, hosted by Roberts himself.

Sounds like the comedian had an inside man for his undercover operation.