Portugal Submitted An Early Bid For The Worst Flop Of The World Cup

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Pepe is kind of like the Draymond Green of soccer.

He’s a decorated top-shelf defender who has zero issue with intentionally kicking the crap out of an opponent in a stadium full of spectators.

The former Real Madrid back is also a mind-numbingly shameless flopper.

Dive of the World Cup?

But perhaps even Green couldn’t reach the level of audacity required to execute this hilarious dive from Portugal’s 1-0 victory over Morocco on Wednesday.

Here’s another angle of the early front-runner for the flop of the 2018 World Cup.

On second thought, never mind.

Pepe’s wasn’t the only embarrassing dive from Portugal.

Cristiano Ronaldo, another maestro of make-believe maulings, offered up this laughable fall in the penalty box.

It was just as obvious from the stands.

Both spills came in the last 10 minutes of play, in unabashed attempts to eat up clock and protect a one-goal lead, earned via Ronaldo’s fourth goal of the tournament. 

A loss against Iran in Portugal’s final match of group play would put Ronaldo’s side at risk of not advancing to the next round.

I can think of no more worthy punishment for these embarrassing Ronaldo and Pepe dives.