Peyton Manning Exonerated by NFL Over Alleged HGH Use


(Photo: Getty)

It would have been terrible news to find out Peyton Manning took HGH after walking off into the sunset to end his career with the Denver Broncos. Luckily, the NFL cleared the five-time MVP of any wrongdoing on Monday.

Back in December, Manning was accused of takings PEDs in a special report from Al-Jazeera America’s Investigative Unit. His wife, Ashley Manning, was linked after she received a prescription for an unknown drug that was supposedly being taken by her husband. But the league found “no credible evidence” to suggest the 40-year-old QB was taking anything against the rules after a seven-month investigation.

This is positive news for Clay Matthews, James Harrison, Julius Peppers and Mike Neal, who were also accused of taking illegal substances in the same report. The league is still investigating those four players, but if the claims against Manning aren’t credible, it’s likely no fines or suspensions will be brought forth for anyone else.

Each player submitted a sworn statement denying the accusations, but they will still have to participate in interviews with the NFL’s legal teams. That being said, the chance of the league going “full-on DeflateGate” trying to catch players is highly unlikely. After all, Roger Goodell only wants to penalize players if it helps him maintain power.