Peyton Manning Mentioned in Title IX Lawsuit Against the University of Tennessee

Charles Bowles
(Photo: Getty)

An alleged sexual harassment claim involving Peyton Manning from 1996 is mentioned in a Title IX lawsuit brought by a group of women against the University of Tennessee.

The lawsuit primarily focuses on five cases reported between 2013 and 2015, but mentions the alleged Manning incident as part of the University creating a “hostile sexual environment” and a policy of indifference toward reported sexual assaults.

The claim involved former athletic trainer Jamie Naughright, who stated that Manning placed his naked butt and genitals on her face while she was examining him for an injury (Manning was the starting quarterback at the University of Tennessee at the time of the alleged claim). The claim was settled in 1997, but Naughright filed a subsequent defamation lawsuit after disparaging references were made about her in Manning: A Father, His Sons, and a Football Legacy. Naughright filed that lawsuit in October 2003, but it was settled two months later.

Naughright also filed another lawsuit in January 2005 citing that Manning broke the confidentiality agreement from the earlier defamation lawsuit. That suit was settled in July 2005.

The sexual assault claims resurfaced after articles from The Daily Beast and New York Daily News brought the story back from the dead. The sexual harassment allegations against Manning were previously covered by Jason McIntrye of The Big Lead in 2014 and USA Today in 2003, with an article by Mel Antonen and a column by Christine Brennan.

Manning has not commented on the resurfacing of the sexual assault claim.

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