Trash Flyers Fans Throw Trash At Penguins After Elimination, Because Philadelphia

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Never doubt the depths to which Philadelphia sports fans will stoop.

If you thought the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl victory and another Villanova national championship would derail the city’s fans from their path of destruction, you were sorely mistaken.

On Sunday night, Philadelphia Flyers supporters proved the city’s fans are still equally as incapable of handling defeat as they are of enduring victory.

Philadelphia sports fans are still trash

Flyers fans rained trash down onto the ice after watching their team get soundly eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs by the Pittsburgh Penguins on Sunday.

The latest installment of Philly fans sucking commenced when Pittsburgh took an 8-5 lead on an empty net with 31 seconds remaining in Game 6 of the teams’ first-round series.

The extremely Philadelphian response to defeat prompted disgusted reactions from Pittsburgh’s bench.

And the embarrassing display continued through postgame handshakes.

According to Pens captain Sidney Crosby, garbage wasn’t the only thing thrown by the trash in the seats at Wells Fargo Center.

I’m tempted to suggest Crosby should have thrown the gesture back into the fans’ faces by pulling a Gronk. But these are Philadelphia sports fans — and at this point I wouldn’t put drugging a beverage meant for an opposing team’s captain beyond them.