Pittsburgh Pirates’ Josh Harrison Just Can’t Stop Getting Hit by Pitches

Joe Welkie
(Photo: Getty)

Getting hit by a pitch is never an ideal way to get on base in baseball. I'm sure if you asked any MLB player, that would probably be their least favorite way to land themselves on first base, but getting on base is getting on base. 

Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Josh Harrison hasn't really had much of a choice in the matter. In four straight appearances at the plate, Harrison was hit by a pitch. That type of streak is unheard of. In fact ,he joins a select group of players who have been hit twice in the span of two games (Craig Biggio in 2000 and John Jay in 2014). He's already been hit six times in the first 12 games of the season.

The thing is, Harrison isn't even known for crowding the plate, so this is confusing for most baseball analysts. Harrison must have done something to anger the baseball gods.

Call me sadistic, but I want to see it continue. Just every plate appearance Harrison gets beaned, all season long. How hilarious would that be?

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