Police Dog Lays Vicious Tackle On Fleeing Suspect And NFL Fans Want Him On Their Team

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter)

NFL free agency doesn’t officially begin until March 14, meaning teams have two weeks to evaluate the sport’s newest hot prospect: Though he lacks the height of a traditional defensive back at about two and a half feet, he’s got agility and closing speed like you’ve never seen, will be every teammate’s best friend (so long as they stay away from his bones), and is a very, very good boy. Yes he is.

That would be the Irvine police dog who took matters into his own paws when his human police couldn’t track down an alleged carjacker earlier this week. The dog chased the suspect down, leapt from a considerable distance, and took his man to the pavement.

NFL fans whose teams are light on defense were eager to sign the pup up.

Gonna have to disagree with that last one; the dog actually made the tackle.