Pontiac Silverdome Implosion Hilariously Fails

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter)

Another implosion of a infamously outdated stadium, another epic, viral fail. Except Adamo Group, the company in charge of Sunday’s scheduled Pontiac Silverdome implosion, only wishes a bus could have swooped in at the last moment to obscure their failure to bring down the former Detroit Lions stadium.

“The first implosion will break the metal beams (used to keep the roof inflated) at the perimeter of the stadium,” read one press release in advance of the Silverdome implosion.

“Each vertical beam surrounding the Silverdome will house a small charge, which upon detonation, will cause the beams to break and the steel ring to fall to the ground,” read another.

Except, nah.

Here’s another video of the failure.

Twitter, as you might expect, had jokes.

No pressure to let Michigan natives down for the second time today, Lions.