Poor Browns Fans React to Losing Robert Griffin III for at Least 8 Weeks

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Well it didn't take long for this iteration of the Cleveland Browns to be doomed.

Not only did they get crushed 29-10 by a Philadelphia Eagles team coached by a first-year head coach and helmed by a rookie quarterback who played just one preseason game, but they lost starting quarterback Robert Griffin III in the process.

It appeared the former Washington Redskins QB injured himself on this play.

He was placed on IR with a fractured bone in his left shoulder, and won't be permitted to return for at least eight weeks.

But Browns fans are used to loss, right? So they should have no problem getting over this … right?

Think again.

Non-Browns fans were quick to pile on.

Shadenfreude aside, this might actually not be all bad for the Browns. Griffin was a worthwhile, low-risk gamble and the team got their answer to questions of his durability early on, though preparation-wise, I'm sure they wish he'd gotten hurt prior to the season so as to give backup Josh McCown more reps with the first team.

And speaking of McCown, 37, his numbers as a Browns starter are about all you could have hoped for from Griffin:

Cleveland fans will take that any day of the week.