President Obama Calls Out Royals Players for Their Lame Nicknames

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

Back in October, the Kansas City Royals finally won a World Series for the first time since 1985. For many, it seemed longer than that, as the Royals consistently found themselves at the bottom of the standings over the last 30 years. Times have changed quite a bit.

President Obama made sure to acknowledge the Blue Crew’s accomplishment of overcoming the drought during the team’s visit to the White House on Thursday, but not without a few friendly digs.

Good ‘ol Barry O read off the names of the many star players in Kansas City and decided to include their nicknames just so he could point out their lack of creativity:

“You've got an offense led by homegrown guys like Alex ‘Gordo’ Gordon and Mike ‘Moose’ Moustakas, Eric ‘Hoz’ Hosmer, World [Series] MVP Salvador ‘Salvy’ Perez. These guys are all great players. Can I say, though, the nicknames aren’t that creative. It's like, Barack ‘Barack’ Obama. You know? I mean, listen to this, Hoz, Moose, Gordo. We're going to have to work on these.”

Classic Obama.

Come to think of it, baseball really does have the worst nicknames. When Terry Francona managed the Red Sox, he called both Pedro Martinez and Dustin Pedroia “Peedy.” That’s not even close to clever.

Watch the full White House visit below (skip to 3:53 for Obama’s burn):

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