Prince Fielder Made Sure to Touch Adrian Beltre’s Head One Last Time Before Retiring


(Photo: Getty)

Texas Rangers slugger Prince Fielder is retiring from the game of baseball after doctors informed him that his two spinal fusion surgeries prevent him from continuing to play.

But despite being very emotional during his farewell press conference, Fielder remained upbeat and chipper, probably because the Rangers and Detroit Tigers still owe him $106 million through year 2020 (MLB contracts really are the best). He’ll collect every penny of that not playing baseball.

In fact, Fielder was so upbeat entering his press conference he dared to touch the top of Adrian Beltre’s head and risk potentially getting punched in the face.

Giving Prince a black eye probably wouldn’t have been the best PR move on Beltre’s part. All he could do was sit on his hands.

But don’t ever touch his head on the field.

It’s going to be sad not seeing Fielder on the diamond, even though the majority of sports fans had no idea he was still playing.