Justin Timberlake Halftime Show Reportedly Features Hologram Of A Minneapolis Music Legend

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Leading up to the Super Bowl, Mike Howard, spokesman for the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee, told reporters: “People joke, ‘Can we just have a Prince hologram?'”

Apparently, Howard either was being coy or he’s really out of the loop, because Justin Timberlake’s halftime show will feature a hologram of Prince, according to TMZ.

The game will be played in Minneapolis, where Prince was born, gained stardom, and passed away.

This won’t be the first Super Bowl halftime show to feature the artist. The real Prince, who would pass April 2016, put on arguably the greatest halftime show performance of all time in 2007; it actually poured during his rendition of “Purple Rain.”

“The fact that it did rain when it did and how (Prince) did ‘Purple Rain’ in the rain, you can’t beat that. … It was magical, you know,” Morris Hayes, Prince’s keyboardist for that performance and countless others, recalled to AP.

Hayes also shared this priceless story:

He remembers organizers approaching Prince before the Super Bowl with the forecast of rain and offering to pre-record his performance. Hayes said that prompted Prince’s famous response: Can you make it rain harder?

Prince’s mastery would turn out to be the highlight of the night, as the Indianapolis Colts bested the Chicago Bears in an otherwise uninteresting 29-17 victory (neither offense would score in the fourth quarter) in Super Bowl XLI.

TMZ uncovered footage of a rehearsal of this year’s halftime show, though it doesn’t feature the reported Prince hologram.