Watch This High Schooler’s Punt Roll For An Extra 50 Yards

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: MaxPreps)

Here’s a tip for next time you’re in charge of a football team looking for a good punter: find a wizard.

That’s apparently what Al Raby High School in Chicago did. During a game against Morris Community this past weekend, Raby’s punter uncorked a kick that landed roughly 20 yards from where it’d been hiked.

Despite the measly initial flight, the play wasn’t over. Instead, the ball magically continued, more than tripling the net yardage.

Watch as the punt rolls for another 50 yards as members of the Raby football team rally behind it, encouraging the ball downfield with waved arms.

Naturally, Twitter had thoughts.

In the end, it was roughly a 70-yard punt.

The longest punt in the NFL this season belongs to Tennessee Titans punter Brett Kern, who blasted one 74 yards against the Cincinnati Bengals in a Week 10 victory.

The longest punt in NFL history is also the longest punt you could statistically achieve. In 1969, Steve O’Neal of the New York Jets kicked a 98-yarder, from one one-yard line to the other.