Raiders Punter Marquette King Penalized for Using Penalty Flag in Dance Routine

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

How cool are the Oakland Raiders?

They're so cool, their punter Marquette King would be the coolest player on most teams (unfortunately for him, he shares a roster with a quarterback who can throw 40-yard bombs behind his back).

Going into his squad's Week 13 tilt with the Buffalo Bills, King had already produced two highlights—a mad dash for a first down after a botched snap on fourth-and-24, and a series of hot dance moves after while burying the Denver Broncos to take the AFC West lead.

On Sunday he added another to his reel, and it involved yet more dancing.

Protecting a 38-24 fourth quarter lead, King drew a roughing the kicker penalty on Bills cornerback and special teamer Corey White. But before his team could enjoy the 15-yard penalty, King produced one of his own—for taking the ref's flag and using it as a prop in some hot dance moves.

Because King broke the NFL's "no fun allowed" rule, the Raiders opened the next set of downs in the exact same spot, but on first-and-25 instead of fourth-and-1.

Thanks to the first penalty, though, Oakland was able to run out the clock, not relinquishing the ball until 18 seconds remained and holding on for a 38-24 victory and a 10-2 record.