Rams Coach Jeff Fisher Thinks Danny Woodhead Is Still on the Patriots

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher hasn't had much recent luck against Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots.

The last time he coached against the Pats, his Rams got blown out 45-7 in London back in 2012. Miraculously, that was an improvement over his previous effort against Belichick's boys, who crushed Fisher's former team, the Tennessee Titans, 59-0 in October 2009.

And based on his recent assessment of the Patriots' backfield, I wouldn't count on this iteration of a Fisher-coached team doing much better when they face New England on Sunday.

The Rams coach was asked about the Pats' running backs on a Wednesday conference call.

“Well, they’re all different. I have a place in my heart for LeGarrette [Blount], because I gave him a start, and I have great respect for him," Fisher said. "He’s a big back, and he’s hard to get down. And as they rotate through, different guys play in different situations, and they do a good job with it. He knows where the ball’s going to go, and the guys are very, very disciplined."

Fair. Accurate. The Rams might be prepared to defend LeGarrette Blount on Sunday. What about the other backs, coach? James White? Dion Lewis?

"I’ve been impressed with Brandon and what he’s done out of the backfield," Fisher continued. "You’ve got to deal with him, in addition to Danny. You’ve got play makers all around, so we have to play sound defense.”

Uhh, Brandon? Danny?

Best we can guess, he's referring to Brandon Bolden.The veteran is still on the team—but has rushed once all year and is featured almost strictly on special teams now. And Danny? Could he be referring to Danny Woodhead? The diminutive back was famously "discovered" by the Pats, but has been an impact player for the San Diego Chargers since 2013—and has been out of the 2016 season since a Week 2 injury.

There's also a chance Fisher was referring to Danny Amendola. Just two problems with that: Amendola, who played under Fisher in St. Louis, is a wide receiver; and even had Fisher veered off into "general player makers" territory and away from listing just running backs, if Amendola and all of his 213 receiving yards are what he's preparing his team for, another Belichick-over-Fisher blowout is almost definitely looming.