Rams Coach Jeff Fisher Tries to Challenge, Can’t Find His Challenge Flag

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The football world had a good laugh at the expense of Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher when he appeared to have no idea Danny Woodhead does not play for the New England Patriots.

One might give him the benefit of the doubt, though—perhaps he and the reporters miscommunicated, or his mouth and brain wen't on the same page. There's no way an NFL coach could be that unprepared, particularly against Bill Belichick and the always-a-contender Patriots, right?

Maybe …

On second-and-17 at the 50-yard line of the Rams' Sunday tilt with New England, rookie quarterback Jared Goff appeared to connect with wideout Brian Quick for a first down. Officials ruled him out of bounds and Fisher wanted to challenge.

But he couldn't find his challenge flag.

The nearby official was kind enough to award him the challenge anyway, which was successful. It wouldn't matter, though, as the Rams fell 26-10.

Mere hours before he made like Dory and misplaced his flag, the Rams signed Fisher, who's on his way to a sixth straight losing season, to a two-year extension.