Ranking How the So-Called ‘Draft Experts’ Performed in Their First-Round Mock Drafts

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

Every year, the so-called draft “experts” roll out their mock drafts like Willy Wonka at a candy factory. But once the first round actually happens, nobody goes back to see how they did.

Luckily, we’re here to hold them accountable.

Now, before rushing to the conclusion that the folks at ESPN don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, please understand that making a mock draft is very hard. That being said, some of these “experts” performed terribly, making the “bracketologists” of the world look like geniuses in comparison.

Here’s how the first-round mock drafts played out from a handful of the “experts.”

Mike Mayock (NFL.com): 11-of-31 correct selections

Daniel Jeremiah (NFL.com): 10-of-31

Mel Kiper Jr. (ESPN): 9-of-31

Charles Davis (NFL.com): 9-of-31

Pete Prisco (CBS Sports): 8-of-31

Bucky Brooks (NFL.com): 7-of-31

Todd McShay (ESPN): 6-of-31

Mike Tanier (Bleacher Report): 5-of-31

Note: each “expert” was given credit for selecting the correct pick and/or team, since there were multiple trades on Thursday.

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