It’s Embarrassing How Many Raptors Fell Asleep On LeBron’s Buzzer-Beater

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

A packed Quicken Loans Arena watched in awe as LeBron James navigated through the Raptors defense and nailed a game-winning floating bank shot to once again crush Toronto’s dreams.

And so did two of the Raptors on the floor.

As LeBron darted up the floor with seconds left in Game 3 of the teams’ playoff matchup, OG Anunoby did well to force the four-time MVP into a difficult shot moving away from the basket.

Kyle Lowry wisely left his man to deter a drive into the paint.

Fred VanVleet was the only guy manning a pair of shooters for a potential cross-court pass.

But there’s little explanation for the actions of C.J. Miles and Pascal Siakam.

Sure, Kyle Korver is an all-time great catch-and-shooter. But by the time LeBron uncorked his shot, Miles was close enough to both players to do something, anything to disrupt the all-timer from burying his team again and recover in case of a dish to the corner.

But the sins of Siakam — a typically stout defender, unlike Miles — were somehow more baffling. I’d have preferred to see the long-armed forward abandon Kevin Love altogether for a hard double in an attempt to force the ball out of LeBron’s hands. But one can understand the impulse to cover a shooter like Love at the top of the key.

Too bad Siakam didn’t do that either.

Instead, he got caught watching LeBron and allowed Love to get behind him. If LeBron so desired, he could have found his big man for a backdoor bucket.

This Eastern Conference semifinals sweep can’t end soon enough.