Ravens Want Players to Wear Pinnie Jerseys Because They’re Tired of Being Tricked by the Patriots

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

The Baltimore Ravens are proposing a bizarre rule change because head coach John Harbaugh is still bitter about what the New England Patriots did to his team two postseasons ago.

Back during the 2015 Divisional Round game, the Pats tricked the Ravens defense by ruling a slot receiver ineligible, while simultaneously ruling an offensive lineman eligible.

Watch below (the video isn’t in English, but you’ll get the idea):

Regardless of whether or not you believe that play should be allowed, Baltimore’s solution to fixing the problem might be the dumbest idea of all time.

According to Pro Football Talk, the Ravens want players to put on a pinnie jersey with an offensive lineman’s number after being ruled ineligible.

The Ravens proposal would require an ineligible player (numbers 50-79 and 90-99) who goes into the game as an eligible receiver to “wear a jersey vest matching the team uniform, with an appropriate number for his eligible or ineligible status that has not already been assigned to another teammate.”

So just think about this for a moment. Rather than proposing a smart solution, such as having the refs make a clear signal to the defense, or simply making the play illegal, Baltimore would rather have 350-pound players running back-and-forth from the sideline trying to slip on and off a tight pinnie jersey, while the play clock still runs.

Sure, it would be absolutely hilarious, but it would look ridiculous to see a slot receiver wearing a vest that looks like it was stolen from a ninth grade gym class.

Get over it Baltimore, it was 14 months ago!