Real Heroes Invent App to Help Pickup Basketball Players Find Games Whenever

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: CBS Sacramento.)

For basketball fans, March is a month marked by heroes.

But twin brothers Donte and Dominic Morris aren't participating in March Madness. In fact, they've already graduated from Sacramento State University.

The other Morris twins aren't even heroes for their skills on the court—just for envisioning a world where anyone can find themselves on a court whenever they'd like.

The brothers have developed an app for finding pickup basketball games called Hoop Maps.

"I was like 'I always miss a good game,' so there had to be a better opportunity where I could get out of work, look at my phone, and see where the games are being played at," said Donte, the better basketball player among the twins, according to both of them. "So that's kind of what sparked the idea."

The app allows users to set a time and place for a game as well as invite friends to games.

"The way it works is, it's a blue screen where games are about to start, and then the icon turns orange when the games are in progress," Donte told CBS Sacramento.

The app dropped in June 2016 and so far has over 1,000 users.


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