Refs Blow 2 Obvious Calls on Game-Deciding Play of Cowboys Win Over Vikings


(Photo: Getty Images)

Sam Bradford's throw on a last-minute chance to bring his Minnesota Vikings even with the Dallas Cowboys wasn't even close, but he deserved another one.

After being knocked out of the end of the first half with a helmet to the ribcage on Thursday night, Bradford led a second-half comeback, finding Jerick McKinnon for a touchdown after a 65-yard drive. A two-point conversion would have tied the game.

Bradford's attempt, however, wasn't close. But it shouldn't matter.

In addition to a false start by left tackle T.J. Clemmings, Bradford got hit in the face by Cedric Thornton for what should have been an obvious roughing the passer penalty.

Bradford said the official rationalized the no-call by claiming the quarterback didn't get hit in the face. He did.

Had this play been officiated correctly, Clemmings' false start should have pushed the Vikings' potentially game-tying two-point attempt back five yards, whistling the play dead before officials could even blow the other obvious call. 

"I'm sick and tired of the reffing in this league right now," said Vikings defensive end Brian Robison. "I'm sick and tired of it. You've got holding calls all over the place that people don't want to call. Bradford gets hit in the face at the end of the game and you don't call it. I'm not laying this loss on reffing, but at some point it's got to get better."

The Cowboys won 17-15 to improve to 11-1 on the season. The Vikings are now 6-6 after starting the year 5-0.