Refs Call Illegal Hands to the Face Penalty Against Wrong Team in Lions–Bears

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

In the second quarter of the Detroit Lions' Sunday tilt with the Chicago Bears, one lineman put his hands on and under the facemask of an opponent.

Referee Jeff Triplette and his crew did a wonderful job in recognizing that a penalty occurred on the first-and-10 play that sprang a 14-yard run from Lions running back Dwayne Washington, and in recognizing exactly what infraction was committed.

Determining which team perpetrated the penalty against which team, however, was a feat too difficult for Triplette's team—one of the most despised and lambasted in the league.

While blocking Eddie Goldman, Lions offensive lineman Graham Glasgow got a faceful of the nose tackle's hands—the Bears sophomore slid his paw under Glasgow's facemask and continued to push back while the blocker stood helplessly.

Thankfully for the Lions—and the NFL—it didn't affect the outcome of the game. The Lions overcame the first-and-25 to gain a new set of downs and eventually kick a field goal before holding on for a 20-17 victory.

Still, NFL refs have been really, really, really, really bad this season.