Refs Totally Fall for Embarrassing Flops by Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The night after being spurned for Defensive Player of the Year, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green started a campaign to lock down a consolatory award, this time for acting.

While his performance may not have been Oscar worthy, getting the refs to bite for something so egregiously manufactured should at least earn him a Daytime Emmy.

I'm not really sure who should be more embarrassed: the self-described "tough guy" who went to such great lengths to produce an "I'm in pain!" face for several seconds after getting the call, or the ref who made a call essentially based on the appeal of power forward who shoots 44 percent from the field.

But to the dismay of New Orleans Pelicans fans and Green's chances at that Emmy, his shameless flopping spread on the team bench to Harrison Barnes like a disease.

If these guys don't get fined for epitomizing flopping, then they should stop fining players altogether for doing it.

Look, I'm almost always on the refs' side with stuff like this. It's a fast game, possibly the hardest one to officiate, and refs can't see everything. But they also don't have to call everything. They didn't see Green and Barnes get hit on these plays, they saw them wince and cry and fall to the ground.

At this point, I'll take a few missed elbows to the forehead if it means not rewarding this type of behavior. Call what you see.

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