Report: Brock Osweiler Didn’t Even Give Broncos a Chance to Match Texans’ Contract Offer

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty)

Not even a week after Brock Osweiler signed with the Houston Texans, it's becoming more and more apparent that bad blood between the quarterback and the Denver Broncos played a role in his exit.

Osweiler was benched in favor of Peyton Manning during Denver's Week 17 victory over the San Diego Chargers despite leading the team to a 5-2 record as a starter.

“Brock took it in stride but you could tell it was (messing) with him. Even after the Super Bowl, you could tell he wasn’t real happy,” said one anonymous Broncos teammate.

“I mean, he got benched after C.J. (Anderson)’s fumble. I think there were some guys wondering what was going on, but at the end of the day Peyton came in so you really can’t question that.”

After that game, Osweiler's agent, Jimmy Sexton, reportedly told the quarterback's wife "don’t worry, we’re gonna get him out of here."

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Broncos weren't even afforded a chance to match the four-year, $72 million contract Osweiler eventually signed with the Texans.

Sexton had told Osweiler to go dark and not return calls, texts or e-mails from the Broncos, including his teammates, until the agent had reached an agreement with one of the teams. Sexton didn't want sentiment to play a role if he could avoid it.

Sexton never gave the Broncos a chance to match the Texans' offer.

Osweiler, a second-round pick in 2012 who made $660,000 last season, signed a contract that averages $18 million, ranking him 16th among the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL this year.

Now the Broncos are stuck with Mark Sanchez as their current best option at quarterback, with the number of free-agent signal callers dwindling fast.

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